1. Remove Downside Risk – Our most common deal structure is to partially cash out founders or owners so they can take some chips off of the table and still benefit from the upside potential of the business. But we’ll buy the whole company too.
  2. Get Rich During the Journey – Unlike venture capital investors, we share and distribute all monthly profits. Why wait for an exit to make a ton of money. This ownership structure affords us the flexibility to grow each business to its fullest potential.
  3. Real Support – Operating partners benefit from full-time operational and strategic support from DRD Capital and a network of colleagues to turn to in our portfolio of companies. We’re here for you as much as you need us and as little as you don’t.
  4. A History of Ramping – We only invest in areas that we have operated in and know well. DRD Capital helps management teams build long-term value by gaining an understanding of revenue and traffic growth drivers so they can proceed directly to #2.